Biotechnology in Cosmetic Market

Biotechnology is nothing new. People have been modifying natural systems to make and alter products for thousands of years. What is new is the scale and specificity of biotech. Today, molecularly identical ‘natural’ ingredients are available virtually on demand.

The ingredients that power cosmetics and personal care products are largely bioactives originally found in biological sources — whether botanical, animal, or microbial.Going on to explain why microorganisms like yeast (or algae) are more efficient sources of these bioactives,   “cultured ingredients—those that are the product of bioengineered fermentations—offer a more stable and sustainable source of innovative biological molecules for cosmetic actives and personal care.” Natural demand.  Beauty and personal care products made with naturals are undeniably in demand. And while many indie and startup companies are known for specializing in this space. The naturals movement has not been overlooked by multinationals. Just this week,Unilever acquired Seventh Generation, a natural personal and home care products company that saw more than $200m in turnover last year and has reported double-digit compounded annual growth for ten years.